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    A little history

    Took me a while to find all the old links. Not my work. Enjoy.
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    Casio MQ1 Calculator Gauntlet parts, Keyslot circuit board

    The Casio MQ1 calculator is used prominently on the Gauntlet keypad, as the Helmet Keyslot circuuit board, and the battery cover is also moulded into a gauntlet. Prices have now reached in excess of £200 for a piece once in the £80 region.
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    Mulbrod Cable Clip Part LS 108/65 ESB helmet interior cable clip

    The Parts of Star Wars recently identified this as part of the ROTJ bunker bomb. It wasn't long before it was realised that this part was also used, per its original purpose, as a cable clip for the rainbow wire in the ESB helmet interior. Anyone trying to faithfully recreate the ESB interior...
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    Nemrod Holster for ESB Sidearm Holster (Nemrod Clipper Holster)

    The Nemrod Holster is another relatively rare item. There are two versions that I have seen. The difference lies in the pop stud strap. On the correct version the strap is moulded into the holster. The other version has a ribbed, rubber strap that is rivetted to the main moulded holster. Either...
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    La Spirotechnique Technisub Pulce 40 ESB Sidearm

    This is the ESB Sidearm. There are two main versions of the Pulce out there; the flip safety catch version, and the push button safety catch version. The version you need is the flip safety version with the trigger guard split. That's the main identifying difference, however; the tips also vary...
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    Revell Visible V8 Engine Model EE3 Parts for ESB and ROTJ

    This is the vintage version of this model. I also own one of the newer kits. For part #92 you need a vintage version. It's a lovely model in its own right, however; the parts you are looking for for your Boba build are: #65 Connecting Rod for the ESB EE3. this part sits above the, as yet...
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    EFX Silver Helmet
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    David Prowse has died.

    Stop, look and listen.
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    Webley and Scott No 1 Mk1 Flare gun - Main EE3 component

    Credit for the detailed information on the flare guns goes to Molly Milner's lecture to the Historical Breechloading smallarms association at the Imperial War Museum London. I have included the information concerning both the No1 Mk1, and the No2 Mk1 for relevant explanation. The No2 was not the...
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    Hedstroem dental files - greeblie in various locations

    Used in various places, e.g. two No.15 Red files are in the back of the ROTJ helmet.
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    Unimax fail-safe switch - ESB EE3 component Greeblie

    This is one that many of us had long been hunting for. No surprises that 'The Parts Of Star Wars' finally came up with the goods and revealed it to us all, although I know Singleseat had discovered it long ago. Of the two I have pictured, one is a piece of new old stock and the brighter red is...
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    Paterson Squeegee - Shin Tool Component

    There are five different models out there that I know of. Art Andrews did some extensive research around these and he identified that the version used should have a closed rail on the grip side and should display the words: "MADE IN ENGLAND BY PATERSON PRODUCTS LIMITED PATS.APP.FOR" on the...
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    Joe Brown Climbing Helmet - Component helmet interior cradle/liner

    There are several different brands that used the same cradle but the Joe Brown model is by far the most prevalanet.
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    MPP Microflash - ESB EE3 component

    Used for the barrel of the ESB EE3. There are several variations of MPP out there. The one used on the ESB EE3 feature the large B Port hole. Unfortunately for us, this is also the version used for the Darth Vader ANH lightsaber, and the ESB Lightsaber that was later reused, with slight...
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    Ever Ready Minilight Cat. No. 6051 - Gauntlet component

    Used within the right Gauntlet. I have pictured one within packaging. A blister pack mounted on cardboard is more common, which are usually blue. I have also pictured a 6051 minilight next to a 6050 Handylight to demonstrate the size difference. There isn't much in it and the 6050 could be made...
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    Hirschmann LMK/AM Aerial Earth Plug - ESB EE3 Component

    For use on the stock of the ESB EE3 Blaster. The blaster started with four but at least one fell off and it is common to see replicas with only three represented.
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    US Divers Belt Buckle - Kam EZ Pack

    There are several variations of these with slightly different engravings of the letters as well as versions with no text at all but also vintage. My preference is for the unmarked versions. I have pictured three vintage buckles here alongside a modern replica - I think this one was Full Metal...
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    ASI 4x20 Scope - EE3 Component for ESB and ROTJ

    There are various different brands that produced the correct type of scope for the EE3 Fett blaster - both ESB and ROTJ. I did some exhaustive research on these a few years ago. My own preference for the most likely candidate is for the Hunter and Milbro brands but they are all basically the...
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    Michell Sweep Arm - Component for Rocket pack, Gauntlet, Knee Dart, Toe Spikes, and HIC Panel

    The Michell Sweep Arm contains several Fett Parts. The base is for the Rocket Pack. The cone is for the Knee Dart and the Toespikes, for which you will need four. The internal pivot point is used for the gaunlet dart, again; four are required. The knurled weight at the end is used on the hero...
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    Michell Stylus Brush - Shin tool component Part.

    I'm showing both the Michell and the Transcriptors Version here so that you can compare. It is the Michell version that you want for your shin tool although I actually now use the Transcriptors version on my Hydraulic Reference Turntable because I think it is a nicer looking thing for the...