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  1. DWoelf

    PP2 Ord Mantell's PP2 Build

    Agree with Spicy and miggs!!! "Top notch"!!!!👍
  2. DWoelf

    ESB WIP: Ord Mantell's ESB Build

    Although there are some really good templates out there, I've yet to find any that are "perfect". Considering the different vendors that sell different armor, your printer,'s hard to get everything to line up perfectly. I mainly use the various templates out there as "guidelines". I...
  3. DWoelf

    ESB From Sand to Carbon Scoring

    Agree with Miggs!!
  4. DWoelf

    Dwoelf ROTJ WIP

    ROTJ "flip shot"!!! LoL
  5. DWoelf

    Dwoelf ROTJ WIP

    A few pics from trooping this weekend
  6. DWoelf

    My ESB and ROTJ Boba Fett builds

    Simply gorgeous!!!!!!!
  7. DWoelf

    ROTJ:SE Bucket by Fettfromhell

    That's lookin real nice!!!!
  8. DWoelf

    ROTJ:SE Gauntlet Refinish by FettFromHell

  9. DWoelf

    Chili Fett Esb Minutefett helmet paintup

    Strong work!!!! Looks excellent!!! D
  10. DWoelf

    EE-3 blaster for trooping

    I think they might be hard to find now, but I will never give up my hyperfims!!!! They might not be the most accurate, but if you give em a good paint job, and in the case of the ESB, add real greblies and scope, they look pretty good!!!!! They are fairly light weight, and for the most part...
  11. DWoelf

    ESB FPH2

    Ear color looks much better to me after you adjusted!!! Always looks darker and more golden to me that most folks paint them, just like you've done here!! Great work!!! Bummer about your decals....
  12. DWoelf

    ROTJ:SE Bucket by Fettfromhell

    Nicely done indeed!!!!! 👍
  13. DWoelf

    Dwoelf ROTJ WIP

    A few shots from trooping/convention this weekend. Fun times!! I seemed to have the exits covered!!! LoL
  14. DWoelf

    ESB SpicyFett’s ESB WIP

    Lovin' it!!! Top notch work!!! D
  15. DWoelf

    Dwoelf ROTJ WIP

    Whachoo Talkin bout Willis!!!!!?? might be a tad young for that reference!!! LoL. However....your stuff is just as good as the rest of us Spicy!!!! And ...all of us keep upgrading/improving!!! It's not a race, nor a competition!!! 😉
  16. DWoelf

    Dwoelf ROTJ WIP

    Thanx buddy!!! Appreciate it!!!! D
  17. DWoelf

    Dwoelf ROTJ WIP

    Thanx buddy,!!! Certainly have have appreciated your support/input along the way!!!!! Means a lot!!! 😉 D
  18. DWoelf

    Dwoelf ROTJ WIP

    One last round of pics before packing!! Some small tweaks etc. I still need to do lots of minor adjustments, but I'm supposed to troop with this on Thursday, so I'm out of time!!! It is what it is....but considering what I had to work with, and the timeframe I had, I feel it will get the job...
  19. DWoelf

    Anyone done (or doing) an Arena Boba Fett (all black)? Looking for the Axe

    I have tried dying my older tacket twill vest, and unfortunately, had absolutely zero luck!!! That stuff is very stubborn! I tried it in the washing machine though, so maybe you'd have more luck if you did it on the stove top method with very hot water???? Also I used the older Rit powder...
  20. DWoelf

    Djarin's New Brace of Pistols

    He wears them backwards in his belt like wild Bill Hickok used to!!! He was famous for his backwards "twist draw", and by historical accounts, he was absolutely deadly using that set up/technique!! Kinda cool if the designers were aware of that history and incorporated that into Mando's character!!!