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  1. MarkerFett

    The True ESB Chest Sequence.

    I don’t have the strength to read through half of that, but bravo Dean! I look forward to adding this to my armor!
  2. MarkerFett

    ESB SpicyFett’s ESB WIP

    Yea, lucky guys you are! At my size, 5’10” 190lbs 42” chest 36” waist, I need to change some dimensions of a few things I’m now finding out.
  3. MarkerFett

    ESB SpicyFett’s ESB WIP

    Thanks man, lots of great info here so I am just trying to absorb it all. PM me what stuff you are selling, I might be interested in some of it.
  4. MarkerFett

    ESB SpicyFett’s ESB WIP

    You look great man! Both of you! I hope to get close to this level some day.
  5. MarkerFett

    ESB boba87fett's ESB Scene 316 Boba Fett Build

    Hmm, I just realized I'm going to be in the same boat as you when it comes to codpiece and kidney plate armor as I'm also a size 36 waist. I currently have @fettfromhell Dean painting up the same minutefett armor, but now I need to think of an alternative here. Did you have to request the...
  6. MarkerFett

    ESB WIP: Ord Mantell's ESB Build

    I just want to say that after reading through this entire thread, I'm blown away by the attention to detail here and focus on the minutiae. I'm just starting my ESB build and I definitely don't have the desire to get every little detail screen/prop accurate, however there are some nice certain...
  7. MarkerFett

    Soft Parts

    I just placed an order for my soft parts with Carole due to the excellent feedback from the community here and at TDH. I look forward to viewing her work in person!
  8. MarkerFett

    FYI: MOW Boots

    Fair enough, thanks for your advice.
  9. MarkerFett

    FYI: MOW Boots

    Hi guys. I was wondering if someone could help me with sizing on these. My Brannock size is a 10 D (although my left foot is really a 9.5 D) and I wear the following size shoes/boots: - Allen Edmonds 65, 511, 1757 lasts - 10 D - Alden Truebalance (Indy boots) / Barrie lasts - 9.5 D - Alden...