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  1. Major

    Event February Barbecue featuring Mario Maala, hosted by MinuteFett!

    That sounds really cool and would definitely be something worth traveling for!!!
  2. Major

    Member Introductions

    Brandon, So glad to have you here. This is a great group and about collaboration. BFB, Brandon purchased the ESB Fett I had listed on here that belonged to Will@RKD. To say he looks amazing in it is understatment. It's honestly fate that everything we put on him fit like a glove.... I can't...
  3. Major

    Denuo Novo/Anovos Announces Jetpack (Again) “In Stock April/-June 2023”

    They are honoring the old order, and were very nice about finding my order without the original order number and considering they are honoring the original order at what I paid, those are both wins. As for the accuracy/upgrades; I’ll make the necessary ones needed if it shows. I get the...
  4. Major

    Denuo Novo/Anovos Announces Jetpack (Again) “In Stock April/-June 2023”

    I’m owed one as well. I have an inquiry into their customer service, see how they respond.
  5. Major

    The Most Accurate ESB Chest LED's

    Amazing work…. I’ll be down for one when the time comes
  6. Major

    Humbrol paints possibly used on the ESB suit

    I’ve been using Humbrol a long time for my mixes….. I’ve learned how to work with it… Those tins…. Annoying
  7. Major

    Rogue One 6 YouTube Live 12/8

    It was a great discussion and nice to see you all on it!
  8. Major

    ESB WIP: Ord Mantell's ESB Build

    Those look great…. Some upgrades look to be in order!
  9. Major

    ESB EE3 Build - Found parts

    I would vote for the B Port MPP
  10. Major

    ESB boba87fett's ESB Scene 316 Boba Fett Build

    Beautiful work Steven!!!
  11. Major

    VillainWorks ROTJ Helmet (MDF) for intwenothor

    Yeah, I would remember carving all that...... Very kind as always, I just don't have a good PR person (Me.... ;) )
  12. Major

    VillainWorks ROTJ Helmet (MDF) for intwenothor

    Yeah… I get that l, figure out what things you can live with. Luckily I have a source for Smoke Color Welding shields, so I wanted to keep that natural curve.
  13. Major

    VillainWorks ROTJ Helmet (MDF) for intwenothor

    Currently on the Painting workbench is a MDF helmet for intwenothor. He wanted to do this as a ROTJ, had already sculpted in the damage and cut out the visor before he sent it to me. We decided along the way to install the MQ-1 Calc, along with the Acrylic. I'll circle back and paint the...
  14. Major

    Media Gallery Updates and Additions

    These images will help a great deal :)
  15. Major

    RotJ SE VillainWorks ROTJ SE Gauntlets for Rochaeo3

    I just used marine epoxy
  16. Major

    RotJ SE VillainWorks ROTJ SE Gauntlets for Rochaeo3

    Hey there, Just look for continuous hinge or piano hinge at your local hardware store. that's what I used.
  17. Major

    PP2 Ord Mantell's PP2 Build

    Looking good!!!
  18. Major

    VillainWorks MSH2 ESB Fett Restoration

    So this helmet has a long history.... Shortly after joining the 501st, and knowing ESB Fett was my endgame, the search for a helmet was on. I ended up connecting with Bob Gouveia, who was the Detachment Leader for the Bounty Hunters Guild. The helmet itself is referred to as Movie Size Helmet 2...
  19. Major

    Boba Fett ESB Helmet Ultimate Stencils

    Thanks so much Raf, this will help on the next helmets I paint!!!
  20. Major

    ESB DWoelf ESB

    That's a beautiful Fett!!!!