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  1. Major

    VillainWorks ROTJ Helmet (MDF) for intwenothor

    Currently on the Painting workbench is a MDF helmet for intwenothor. He wanted to do this as a ROTJ, had already sculpted in the damage and cut out the visor before he sent it to me. We decided along the way to install the MQ-1 Calc, along with the Acrylic. I'll circle back and paint the...
  2. Major

    VillainWorks MSH2 ESB Fett Restoration

    So this helmet has a long history.... Shortly after joining the 501st, and knowing ESB Fett was my endgame, the search for a helmet was on. I ended up connecting with Bob Gouveia, who was the Detachment Leader for the Bounty Hunters Guild. The helmet itself is referred to as Movie Size Helmet 2...
  3. Major

    RotJ VillainWorks FPH2 ROTJ for Evnltr

    Greetings, Been a bit since I've posted anything. Here's the latest one..... The base is a FPH2 (Wasted Fett), Metal Ears (MachineCraft Replicas), Real Casio MQ-1 Circuit and also real #15 Dental Files in the keyslots. This is the 1st ROTJ Fett helmet I've done, and it's been a...
  4. Major

    RotJ SE VillainWorks ROTJ SE Gauntlets for Rochaeo3

    First time doing a ROTJ SE set of Gauntlets. This is a Man Of War Studios Kit. Assembly was fairly straight forward, did piano hinge on the inside and also the clips. All the colors are custom, and as with all things ROTJ based...... Misting...... lots and lots of misting..... The client is...
  5. Major

    RotJ VillainWorks ROTJ RKD Armor for Envltr

    The next in an ongoing series. The first set of ROTJ armor I've painted for envltr, it's RKD armor used as a base. Enjoy
  6. Major

    VillainWorks FPH2 for T Gottfried

    So this is the 9th ESB I've done so far....... It's a great WF FPH2 casting to work with.
  7. Major

    RotJ SE VillainWorks WF ROTJ SE Armor for rochae03

    Hey there, So most of you might know, I do paint commissions as I have time. At the urging of some Mod on here.... ;), I'm going to post up some of my past work to share. This is the most recent one I've done. It's a set of WF ROTJ SE armor. The first time I've done SE, so it was a learning...